Grandpa is mischievous and fun and his relationship with his grandchildren is “magical.”  He’s a force for good, is Grandpa, and always wants to see things resolved in a fair way, even if he does cause a bit of chaos along the way.


Jason found out about Grandpa’s magic shrinking cap when he was very small but now he’s older, he’s handed over the responsibility of working with Grandpa to “put things right” to his two cousins, Josh and Elsie.



All grown up now, Jemima, Jason’s sister, is at Fashion College.  She is a strong, creative girl who knows her own mind.  She loves her young cousins and is delighted that they’re having so much fun at The Mill on the Marsh.



Josh is Jason’s cousin who comes to stay at the Mill on the Marsh for the summer. He is energetic and very much up for adventure.  Which is just as well because his miniature Grandpa provides tons of that!



Jason’s cousin, Elsie, is smart and full of beans.  She is so excited to be staying in Sunnysands for the whole summer.  But, to find out on the first day, that she had a magic Grandpa was beyond her wildest dreams.

Auntie Jules


Jason’s mum is Auntie to Josh and Elsie. She is a great one for hobbies but nowadays she’s very busy running the little hotel 'The Mill on the Marsh', just outside Sunnysands. Jules is blissfully unaware of any of Grandpa‘s shrinking antics and when he’s missing she just thinks he’s gone for a little liedown.

Uncle CJ


Uncle CJ is Jason’s Dad. He used to run the bike shop in Sunnysands but now he runs a bike hire business on the beach. He also helps out with things at the Mill on the Marsh. He’s always cheerful and loves taking the family on outings in Campo or their new river boat Queenie!

Great Aunt Loretta


Very eccentric and high maintenance, Loretta is always popping round and embroiling the family in her hair-brained schemes. And nowadays she lives just next door in the converted Pigsty. She’s very bossy and inevitably wants to take over. She also makes perfectly dreadful food like sardine and Strawberry sandwiches.

Mr Whoops


Mr Whoops runs the toyshop which is every child’s dream shop. It’s also Grandpa’s dream shop! Mr Whoops is called Mr Whoops because he’s always falling over and spilling things. But he's also a great kids’ entertainer and loves a good song and dance. He recently married Miss Smiley.

Miss Smiley


Miss Smiley owns the café in Sunnysands which is said to be the best café in the world. She’s called Miss Smiley because she’s always smiling. She runs cookery lessons and serves up the most delicious treats like paradise pizza and cherry chunks. Everyone in Sunnysands loves her. She recently married Mr Whoops.

Mr Mentor the Inventor


The Lighthouse in Sunnysands is the home of Mr Mentor. He is always inventing extraordinary things like the Automatic Hair-o-static that gives you a new hairdo every day. Sometimes Mr Mentor invents things without even knowing he’s done so, but that’s usually when a certain tiny Grandpa is on the scene.



Not quite what you expect with a name like that, Wulfy, as he is known, is Grandpa’s dog and adored by all the family (apart from Great Aunt Loretta who accuses him of making puddles on the floor when really it was Mr Whoops having little accidents!)

Mr Yomper Stomper


Mr Yomper Stomper loves rambling up mountains and down dales.  Nature walks are his big passion. He's a real wild life enthusiast and enjoys taking photos of flora and fauna and showing them to everyone.  He's very easily distracted but fun to have around.  And you always know when he's coming because he sings his very own signature song.

Bob the Boat


Bob is known as Bob The Boat because he lives on his boat in the harbour in Sunnysands.  Bob is from Australia.  Hes young and full of fun and he loves being part of the Sunnysands community.  His boat is called The Boomerang because when it goes out to sea, it always comes back again.



Lovely Jasmine, or Jazz as shes known, is Miss Smileys niece. Sometimes she comes to help out in the cafe or to visit her Aunt. The children all love her sunny, easy going personality and shes especially good at running children's parties. She is also good at organising antique and craft fairs in the cafe. Jazz is a popular addition to Sunnysands and much loved in town.

Horatio Heave Ho


Horatio is the Sunnysands bank manager but he really wants to be a pirate. Consequently he never turns down the opportunity to dress up as a pirate and dig for treasure or go out on boat trips on Bob's boat, The Boomerang, seeking out pirate-y adventures.  His faithful stuffed parrot, Stinky, is always on his shoulder.


Mr Greator the Creator


The archetypal comedy villain, Mr Greator the Creator is a scoundrel of the first order. Hes an inventor, like Mr Mentor, and is always trying to steal Mr Mentors ideas or inventions and pass them off as his own. He even steals Miss Smileys secret ice cream recipe book with a view to setting up an ice cream empire. But hes always outwitted with the help of Grandpa and the kids and skulks away until the next time.

Mrs Maridadi


The Sunnysands seamstress and costumer maker extraordinaire! Mrs Maridadi will interfere with any fancy dress party or event that requires any kind of needlecraft input. She's very demanding and determined to get her own way. Her manner and her taste are not all they should be and Grandpa invariably has to intervene in a situation that involves Mrs Maridadi to avoid a calamity.

Olga Orbit


Olga is a famous astonomer who has come to Sunnysands for a visit because there is so much sky to look at and she loves sky. She gets a huge surprise when she sees something through her telescope that she never expected to see!

Roly Poly Ravioli


Roly Poly Ravioli comes to stay at The Mill on the Marsh because he is going to audition for the Circus that has come to Sunnysands. With the help of Grandpa and Elsie he turns from a hopeless clown into a brilliant one!

Miss Snip


Lovely Miss Snip is the Sunnysands dog groomer. She has, at last, overcome her fear of dogs which wasn't a great asset in her chosen profession. She now loves them with a passion that knows no bounds. Imagine how delighted she is when Mr Mentor invents a robodoggy especially for her. Her joy is unconfined.

Lady Prigsbottom


Lady Prigsbottom, often referred to as Lady P lives in the big manor house in Sunnysands. Shes very posh and cares a lot about all her enormously valuable possessions especially her pearls which she claims are worth millions. She likes being treated like a queen but she softens occasionally and can actually manage to be quite nice.

Belinda Lucinda


She is a dreadfully spoilt girl who lives nearby and often joins in with Sunnysands activities albeit with a sneer and not a smile. She boasts a lot and wants to be in charge of everything. But shes not all bad. When little Grandpa teaches her a lesson, Belinda can show a very sweet and genuine side to her nature.

Bernard and Brenda Balderdash


This eccentric couple live in Sunnysands and are prone to making mistakes when arranging things like house viewings or trips.  They accidentally went to view The Mason's house mistaking it for one that was up for sale.  They also took Bob's Boat, The Boomerang, on an trip instead of the boat they'd actually hired.  Mrs B is very bossy and finishes all of Mr B's sentences for him.  Mr B, however, is pretty hopeless at almost everything. They're best avoided.

Mrs McWhiskit


Mrs McWhiskit is a famous TV cook. She has her very own TV show called Mrs McWhiskit Cooks for the Country. She is a brilliant baker but very set in her ways and deeply critical of anyone whose standards might fall slightly short of hers. Her patronising manner can be a little aggravating! She does make remarkably good cakes so she isn't all bad!